If I could crawl back into

the womb

because right now 

I can’t walk.

If I could curl up

knees to my face,

close my eyes,

and sleep


If I could crawl back into 

the womb,

that would be paradise.

And, when I wake-

If I woke-

I would crawl back out,

all the while, unzipping, undoing

this body from my previous self.

A million dreams and terrors left behind me,

no hassle or stress ahead,

just a clean path for life,

and all its 

empty delights.


And when I’m on that path again,

I know,

I’d want to turn around,

and crawl right back 

into the womb;

because its silence is the only 

paradise I know.

By Eva Zvedeniuk

© Copyright Wir Kinder 2018

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