Extended Velocity

the beginning of a script, inspired by Lorde's 'Ribs' // by Eva Zvedeniuk

Two girls are running along a suburban footpath, their feet pounding the grey pavement. 


The sky darkens. It pigments surroundings with a lighter shade of blue. 


A coldness filters through the air where it hangs, lingering like algae atop a pond. It chills your bones, and makes you walk faster. 


It was the air that made the sky that colour. Or maybe it was something else. The colour; like the grain of a photograph from an old film camera, photos developed with too much cyan. 


Dusk settles. The light-darkness spreading, seeping a teal blue. Like a nascent tear squeezing through the duct, cold and salty.


In this moment of transition, it’s neither dark or light, day or night, good or evil. Everything exists in perfect harmony, in a state of in-between, for a moment, before the world latches on and begins to bustle again.


Some call it dusk, others call it twilight; Nautical Twilight. An attempt to grasp the transient quality of this time of day, which is more of a feeling, perhaps. A biophillic-like connection between natural light, human life, and then, something more. Dripping like a tap, an uncertainty flows through you— a feeling of something felt and not-felt, of something emerging, all intermingling with the cold, blue air.


It’s the kind of slow transition that makes you rub your eyes and wonder whether it is just your pupils adjusting. Kaleidoscopic-like, sometimes it makes you feel like you’re being sucked into a vortex.

The fading light grows darker and darker. All that’s around you moving in, closer, and closer. 


Everything becomes tighter— you gasp;


The street lights flicker on.


The girls laugh and chatter, calling out to each other in between puffed-breath.


“Come on Lola!”


Their pace quickens. The sky darkens.


“I’m coming! Wait up!”


“Hurry, we’ll miss our tram”


Their feet pound the pavement. Quicker, faster. Like Lola’s heart— but she’d never tell Cleo. It’s what kept her up at night.


“Extended velocity, Lola! Extended velocity!”


The two girls burst into fits of laughter.


Lola extends her legs, extending her step, further and further. Extending her heart.

© Copyright Wir Kinder 2018

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