'Wir Kinder' = 'We Children'


1. Wir Kinder is a magazine of mediocre art and writing

2. We aim to produce digestible, compelling and relatable content for our readers.

3. We publish unique and eclectic trash, deliberately unskilled works of art, and bad (sometimes good) poetry.

4. We're interested in the crossover between literature and media, high art and low art. And everything in             between that's often considered gross and ugly, childish and immature, sulky and sad.

5. Wir Kinder encourages artistic creation that extends beyond conventional ideas of what is ‘beautiful’ to the        eye. Play with form and composition. Capture what you find intriguing—  what makes your heart pulse.              Create on your own terms and execute it with ultimate confidence.

6. Wir Kinder is an Empire. Wir Kinder is a cult. Wir Kinder will take over the world.


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Sarcashym x Wir Kinder Interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhNdwIZeQ4g

Wir Kinder features in the fourth and final episode of Sarcashym's documentary series, We Are The Future. The series explores the lives of young creatives from all over the world, and discusses issues around mental health, gender, and creativity within a digital age.

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